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 (ăz′ēn′, ā′zēn′)
1. Any of a group of organic compounds resulting from the condensation reaction of hydrazine and two carbonyl groups.
2. A six-membered heterocyclic compound, such as pyridine, that contains one or more atoms of nitrogen with a ring structure resembling that of benzene.


(ˈeɪziːn; -zɪn)
(Elements & Compounds) any organic compound having a six-membered ring containing at least one nitrogen atom. See also diazine, triazine


(ˈæz in, -ɪn, ˈeɪ zin, ˈeɪ zɪn)

any of a group of six-membered heterocyclic compounds containing one or more nitrogen atoms in the ring.
[1885–90; see azo, -ine2]
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I like publishers who have drunk deep of the Kool-Aid, who believe with every fibre in their body that Vogue is the most powerful fashion mag- azine on Earth and that Conde Nast Traveller is read by every alpha male and female who ever took a Caribbean holiday.
Many researchers have reported the synthesis, phase behavior, curing behavior, and thermal properties of various LCERs that include several basic rigid rod mesogenic group types, such as biphenyl [12-17], ester [18-24], [alpha]-methylstilbene [25-30], azine [31-33], and naphthalene [34, 35], The biphenol-based LCER synthesized by Su [12] showed a high glass transition temperature ([T.
They have also been used in a host of interna- tional publications, such as The Washington Post, Time Mag- azine, The London Telegraph and Prince Claus Fund Journal.
BankDhofar was recently conA[degrees] ferredthehighlycovetedBankof the YearA[degrees]Oman Award 2014 for its achievements by The Banker magA[degrees] azine at its annual awards ceremoA[degrees] ny.
com 10 0 maga MAKE THE STUFFING "Make and freeze stuffing ahead of time," says Karen Barnes, editor of Delicious azine.
Jonah Lehrer, "The Reinvention of the Self," SEEDMAG AZINE.
Diethylcarbam azine medicated salt in the chemotherapeutic control of filariasis due to Wuchereria bancrofti in an open community.
Parameter a would differ between C and N atomic centres, as for instance might be evaluated on comparison of spectra of benzene and pyridine, or of buta-1, 3-diene and methanal azine.
AZINE Parry believes the fans can also be of assistance in the vocal department as Rovers seek to secure three survival points at the expense of fellow strugglers from the North East.
Early in 2009, Fagnou published a paper in JACS showing that "palladium-catalyzed direct arylation can be performed with a broad range of azine and azole N-oxides" He felt the process provided a useful alternative to cross-coupling techniques in the "synthesis of appropriate heterobiaryl compounds," a development of interest in the manufacture of medicinal compounds.
Various trapping reagents are used for absorbing ozone like, 1,2-di(4-pyridyl)-ethylene, potassium iodide, nitrite, indigo/indigo carmine compounds, 3-methyl-2-benzothiazolinone acetone azine with 2-phenylphenol and p-acetamidophenol.
The azine thus formed can be easily hydrolyzed under pressure (0.