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 (ăz′ēn′, ā′zēn′)
1. Any of a group of organic compounds resulting from the condensation reaction of hydrazine and two carbonyl groups.
2. A six-membered heterocyclic compound, such as pyridine, that contains one or more atoms of nitrogen with a ring structure resembling that of benzene.


(ˈeɪziːn; -zɪn)
(Elements & Compounds) any organic compound having a six-membered ring containing at least one nitrogen atom. See also diazine, triazine


(ˈæz in, -ɪn, ˈeɪ zin, ˈeɪ zɪn)

any of a group of six-membered heterocyclic compounds containing one or more nitrogen atoms in the ring.
[1885–90; see azo, -ine2]
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The pyridine ring occurs naturally in biological compounds such as azines and in vitamins such as pyridoxal and niacin.
Ketazines are the azines of ketones with the generic formula: [R.
A huge amount of recyclable waste is generated at airport terminals, from people waiting for flights and passengers getting off planes with newspapers or mag azines.
Publications such as residents' association newsletters, fete programmes and parish mag- azines
The most popular purchases were travel, accommodation or holidays (59%), tickets for events (39%), books, mag- azines, e-learning or training material (38%) and music or CDs (36%).
Dubai's Xpress newspaper reported that staff and suppliers have been left unpaid, writing: "Publishers of Saf- fron Media Works had been struggling to keep the monthly mag- azines afloat.