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 (ăz′ŏth, -ôth)
Mercury considered in alchemy to be the primary source of all metals.

[Middle English azoc, from Old French, from Arabic az-zā'uq, the mercury : al-, the + zā'uq, mercury (from Syriac zīwag, of Iranian origin; see gwei- in Indo-European roots).]


1. (Alchemy) the alchemical name for mercury, esp when regarded as the first principle of all metals
2. (Alchemy) the panacea postulated by Paracelsus
[from Arabic az-zā'ūq the mercury]


(ˈæz ɒθ)

1. mercury, regarded by alchemists as the assumed first principle of all metals.
2. the universal remedy of Paracelsus.
[1470–80; « Arabic az zā'ūq the quicksilver]
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The mono-atomic inert gases, witch are today the most used to produce thermal plasma (Argon, Helium, Azoth, air etc.
Just as alchemical quintessence is defined as the fifth element that reconciles and harmonizes the other four warring elements, (76) so do the four groups of tricksters assemble and unite to produce their own azoth, better known as "le Monde Pipeur" (97): "And since by drinking and conversing, people join in amity -- frequentation being the soldering of wills -- it came to pass that all these four essences mixed and mingled just as the manipulators assembled .
One of the rivers that has been studied, we can point to the Zarjoub River in Rasht city that the studies on this river consist of studying of the pollution of the Zar joub River, in Rasht city, determination of the polluter resources, by Parvin Binaei Motlagh (2002), determination of the amount and changes of Azoth and Phosphor in the Zarjoub River, Rasht City by Gholamali Salehi (2002), studying on the Kor River and determination of the polluter resources of it by Meraj Madadi (2000), all these studies indicate the importance of the consideration to water resources and surface water qualifications as an available water for different usages.