baba ghanoush

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ba·ba gha·nouj

or ba·ba gha·noush or ba·ba ga·noush  (bä′bə gə-no͞osh′, -no͞ozh′)
A purée of roasted eggplant and tahini, flavored with garlic and lemon juice.

[Levantine colloquial Arabic bābā ġannūj : bābā, papa + ġannūj, flirtatious (ġanija, to flirt; see ġng in Semitic roots).]

baba ghanoush

(baba ɡaˈnuːʃ) or

baba gannoujh

(Cookery) a thick purée of aubergines, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic, originating in North Africa and the Mediterranean
[from Arabic]
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Amongst the 100 delicious recipes he shares are an ultimate mezze spread of baba ghanoush with pide bread and keftedes; mouthwatering garlic shrimps with soft polenta and a heavenly Dalmatian fresh fig tart.
It is an Israeli restaurant that serves amazing hummus, falafel, baba ghanoush, and other Israeli classics.
On the menu: Dishes from the open teppanyaki grill and dishes influenced by Japan and other Asian cuisines -- some of them via Arabia, such as baba ghanoush with grilled beetroot, green asparagus and pumpkin.
Plates at the Club are designed to be shared, with highlights such as baba ghanoush with grilled beetroot, green asparagus and pumpkin, sea bass ceviche with lime, chilli and cilantro or a selection of high-grade sashimi.
95 for two) which included hummus, baba ghanoush, falafel, fattoush salad, manakeesh jibne (like a mini pizza) and home-made bread and pickles.
baba ghanoush (spicy eggplant dip with garlic and lemon) and a lemon-pepper marinated chicken kebab.
I can make hummus, baba ghanoush, tabouleh, falafel, foul.
A handsome plate of hummus along with aubergine dip baba ghanoush, sweetly-flavoured vine leaves, hot and crunchy falafel and freshly-flavoured tabbouleh, a Middle Eastern salad that's heavy with herbs.
Beautifully illustrated with full color photography throughout, the recipes range from Whole Lamb on an Iron Cross with Minto Pesto and Chile-Fennel Tzatziki; Grilled Lemon-Saffron pound Cake with Lavender and Fresh Berries; Salt-Baked Potatoes with Mascarpone and Prosciutto Bits; and Foil-Wrapped Ember-Roasted Beets with Goat Cheese; to Baby Back Pork Ribs with Milanese Rub; Baba Ghanoush with Toasted Pine Nut Tahini and Socca; Fresh-Caught Trout Cooked in Foil; and Monterey Jack-Stuffed Turkey Burgers.
My wife chose Baba ghanoush Pate, which is a smoky aubergine dip from the Middle East, served with toast.
We also do a fab homemade baba ghanoush (eggplant puree) and hummus teamed with grilled pittas - another popular side order.
ROAST whole eggplant oiled, in a hot oven or on the grill until very soft; spoon out the flesh and blend with tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and salt for a quick baba ghanoush.