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A Brazilian feather-leaved palm (Orbignya phalerata) having hard-shelled fruits whose seeds yield an oil used in food and skin-care products and as a biofuel.

[Portuguese babaçú, from Tupí babassú, ibabassú : ibá, fruit + -bassú, variant of -assú, -guassú, big.]


(Plants) a Brazilian palm tree, Orbignya martiana (or O. speciosa), having hard edible nuts that yield an oil used in making soap, margarine, etc
[from Portuguese babaçú, from a native Amerindian word]


(ˌbɑ bəˈsu)

n., pl. -sus.
a palm, Orbignya barbosiana, of NE Brazil, bearing nuts that yield an oil used in the manufacture of soaps and cosmetics and as a cooking oil.
[1920–25; < Portuguese babaçú]
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Noun1.babassu - tall feather palm of northern Brazil with hard-shelled nuts yielding valuable oil and a kind of vegetable ivorybabassu - tall feather palm of northern Brazil with hard-shelled nuts yielding valuable oil and a kind of vegetable ivory
feather palm - palm having pinnate or featherlike leaves
genus Orbignya, Orbignya - palms of southern Mexico to northern South America: babassu palm
babassu nut - hard-shelled nut of the babassu palm
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The case includes Intense Nutritive shampoo, mask (with babassu oil and silk proteins) and the elixir, a multi-use oil that can be used pre- and post-styling.
276) The one hour and twenty minute flight of Virgin Atlantic's Boeing 747-400 utilized a blend of twenty percent biofuel (a mixture of coconut and babassu oil) and eighty percent conventional jet fuel.
When we started it was very difficult to have a black woman as a local councillor, whereas today I have been a councillor--a black woman, a breaker of babassu coconuts.
A1 lets not lamster rage live, on a canorous Saba babassu or on a canoe, vile Garret
Color Conserve has ingredients like babassu betaine, which will clean gently without washing colour away.
Tests using blends of conventional jet fuel with alternative biofuels began in 2008 with a Virgin Atlantic Airways flight that used coconut and babassu palm oil.
They may behave as invaders, where deforestation is very intensive such as in the case of babassu, Attalea speciosa, and inaja, A.
Emmerich FG, Luengo CA (1996) Babassu charcoal: A sulfurless renewable thermo-reducing feedstock for steelmaking.
Lots of ingredients grown abundantly in the region have many diverse beneficial qualities and have proven to be excellent bases for cosmetics such as avocado butter, babassu oil NOTE SPELLING IS CORRECT), cocoa butter, mango butter, coconut oil, Brazil nut oil, and jojoba oil.
At least five test flights using either biofuels or GTL have been done in the past two years, including a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 trip in February 2008 on which one engine operated on a 20% biofuel mix of babassu oil and coconut oil.