babassu oil

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Noun1.babassu oil - fatty oil from kernels of babassu nuts similar to coconut oil
babassu nut - hard-shelled nut of the babassu palm
oil - a slippery or viscous liquid or liquefiable substance not miscible with water
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Today, Mielle is armed with an array of products, including such bestsellers as Babassu Oil and Mint Deep Conditioning Protein/Moisture Replenishes Detangling Co-Wash, Moisturizing Avocado Hair Milk, Adult Healthy Hair Formula and the White Peony Leave-In Conditioner.
The clove works to enhance warm tones in your locks while the babassu oil leaves hair shiny, silky and manageable.
Among the best sellers are the Babassu Oil collection, featuring the Mint Deep Conditioner, which has been a cult favorite.
The name is accurate for this blissful blend that combines certified organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, and babassu oil.
We added babassu oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids, to help nourish and moisturize the hair shaft.
Mucor circinelloides whole-cells as a biocatalyst for the production of ethyl esters based on babassu oil.
Eye Colour Sticks are 100 percent vegetarian and enriched with Community Trade Babassu Oil from Brazil and beeswax.
Residues such as wheat bran, rice bran, soybean bran, barley bran, soy oil cake, olive oil cake, gingelly oil cake, babassu oil cake, coconut oil cake, sugarcane bagasse and pumpkin seeds have been reported to be effective for lipase production (Edwinoliver et al.
The case includes Intense Nutritive shampoo, mask (with babassu oil and silk proteins) and the elixir, a multi-use oil that can be used pre- and post-styling.