babassu oil

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Noun1.babassu oil - fatty oil from kernels of babassu nuts similar to coconut oil
babassu nut - hard-shelled nut of the babassu palm
oil - a slippery or viscous liquid or liquefiable substance not miscible with water
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Yesterday's flight of a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 using a combination of traditional and biofuel may have been dismissed as a stunt by some and the biofuel - a mix of coconut and babassu oil - may only have been 20 per cent of the mixture.
INSPIRED by the exotic Tobacco Flower, this pioneering range of products, containing soothing Brazilian Babassu Oil and Camomile is utter luxury.
Rich, creamy moisturiser with olive oil and babassu oil from Brazil.
The Curl Controller's liquid formula's organic babassu oil smoothes and elongates tight curls while fighting frizz and conditioning hair for soft, touchable curls with natural movement.
Not only will your skin feel good so will your conscience as it also contains Community Trade babassu oil from Brazil
This rich cream, a blend of olive and babassu oil, is great for putting new life in tired, dry skin.
Bennett explained that his company is looking beyond palm oil for its surfactants and is sourcing babassu oil from northern Brazil.
VS811P -- will fly using a biofuel blend composed of babassu oil and coconut oil provided by Seattle-based Imperium Renewables.
With the price of oil near $100 a barrel, airlines are testing biofuels such as a mixture of babassu oil, which comes from a palm tree in northern Brazil, and coconut oil.
The Virgin Atlantic aircraft, flight number VS811P and registration GV-WOW, will fly using a biofuel composed of babassu oil and coconut oil.
Comments: 100% vegetable-derived emollient and emulsifier made from organically certified babassu oil.