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1. Greek & Roman Mythology Of or relating to Bacchus.
2. bacchic Drunken and carousing; bacchanalian.


1. (Classical Myth & Legend) of or relating to Bacchus
2. (often not capital) riotously drunk
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Adj.1.Bacchic - used of riotously drunken merrymakingbacchic - used of riotously drunken merrymaking; "a night of bacchanalian revelry"; "carousing bands of drunken soldiers"; "orgiastic festivity"
drunk, inebriated, intoxicated - stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol); "a noisy crowd of intoxicated sailors"; "helplessly inebriated"


[ˈbækɪk] ADJbáquico
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He never went about otherwise than surrounded by a small court of bishops and abbés of high lineage, gallant, jovial, and given to carousing on occasion; and more than once the good and devout women of Saint Germain d' Auxerre, when passing at night beneath the brightly illuminated windows of Bourbon, had been scandalized to hear the same voices which had intoned vespers for them during the day carolling, to the clinking of glasses, the bacchic proverb of Benedict XII.
In 2016 Charles Ede sold 'a particularly fine blackfigure kantharos' to a client in New York and, more recently, to Yale University, a red-figure kylix with Bacchic scenes on the outside and a tondo of a maenad attacking a satyr (Fig.
Inspiration is very important for the poet and the actor, sometimes they are even "possessed by Bacchic frenzy" (Plato, Ion 942).
Friel thus takes Judith's alcoholism, a quality that for Moore represents only a means of self-deception, and examines its possibilities as a means of self-expression: more Bacchic ritual than Hogarthian parable.
Amateurism is not only an effect of FitzGerald's socioeconomic status or a result of the poem's Bacchic pull but also a calculated political strategy that undermines professional practice, even that of the modern author.
On the dating of these three plays and the Casina: because of a remark in Casina about the rarity of Bacchic revels these days (Cas.
The women--the Bacchic Maenads--who worship Dionysius live in the mountains, and they appear to have been driven mad by the experience of communion with him.
Hate it and love it alternately, but am not, as you surmise, in a constant Bacchic state.
That "Michael Field" subsequently took the Bacchic staff of the Maenads, the thyrsus pole, as the emblem for the covers of their works affirms Bradley and Cooper's devotion to what Ahmed calls a stray's philosophy.
Islamic ironies, between Abu Nuwas and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Reflecting, as he often would, on the question of wine, and its permissibility in Islam, the 9th-century bacchic poet of Baghdad, Abu Nuwas, once asked:
In the first one, Filip Doroszewski analyses Dionysiac vocabulary and imagery in the Paraphrase, convincingly arguing that Bacchic frenzy is used, on the one hand, as a metaphor for approaching God, and on the other, when applied to Judaic festivities, to evoke noisiness, animal sacrifice, and reprehensible mysticism.
It was danced inside a divine temple as the Bacchic dance (with the rhythmic elevation of the arms), executed from the baccanti during the rituals of fertility.