back and forth

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back and forth

1. Backward and forward; to and fro: went back and forth in the rocking chair.
2. From side to side: paced back and forth across the room.

back′-and-forth′ n. & adj.
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Adv.1.back and forth - moving from one place to another and back againback and forth - moving from one place to another and back again; "he traveled back and forth between Los Angeles and New York"; "the treetops whipped to and fro in a frightening manner"; "the old man just sat on the porch and rocked back and forth all day"
ذهابا وإيابا، إقبالا وإدبارا
sem a tamtam a zpět
frem og tilbage
fram og aftur
ileri geri


(foːθ) adverb
forward; onward. They went forth into the desert.
back and forth
first in one direction and then in the other; backwards and forwards. We had to go back and forth many times before we moved all our furniture to the new house.
References in classic literature ?
As thus he strode along in anger, putting together the words he would use to chide Little John, he heard, of a sudden, loud and angry voices, as of men in a rage, passing fell words back and forth from one to the other.
Then up and down and back and forth they trod, the blows falling so thick and fast that, at a distance, one would have thought that half a score of men were fighting.
He began to roar a song and stamp back and forth before the foot-lights, wildly waving a glossy silk hat and throwing leers, or smiles, broadcast.