back road

back′ road′

a little-used, often unpaved country road.
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Tenders are invited for layam road chinmaya back road, sree rama temble back road, pollakullam chilanka road back side tile working ward-37
The back road from Tai'n Lon to the Glanrafon junction in Pontllyfni, south of Caernarfon, has been shut for safety reasons due to the unstable bank of the stream adjacent to the road.
In the interest of safety party organisers are being advised to consider holding their Jubilee celebrations off the road, on green space or on a culde-sac or back road.
The families of Kerry Canepotatoe and Melissa Rabbitskin are filing a lawsuit against the RCMP and the provincial government after the women found themselves stranded on a back road in April 2010.
Police were forced to close off a section of a busy back road after discovering that thieves had taken vital components from a gas main.
We're moseying on a back road in Ohio, headed to a huge holiday celebration at Aunt Sue's house.
The road was closed at the Great Burdon to Sedgefield back road junction for several hours.
The section of the A483 between Newtown and Llandrindod Wells is like an Anglesey back road.
The initial findings are expected to back road charging as a method of getting traffic moving and raising vital funding for public transport.
The Back Road to Crazy: Stories from the Field (University of Utah Press, $19.
From the moment we meet our dubious hero, Logan Baird, being "launched skyward, tumbling ass over HUMVEE," on a "bomb-pitted Bosnian back road," the reader is hooked.
It has joined forces with national road safety organisation Brake to back Road Safety Week, from September 23-29.