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Often the superior models have detachable handles so that you can go from luxury back scrubber to hand held exfoliator in seconds.
Another award went to Savana Giurleo, 10, for her back scrubber that featured six colorful nylon scrubbers attached to a section of rope.
Make washing and bathing yourself easier with an ergonomic finger dip shampoo brush, a loofa shower mitt, or long handled shampoo brush and back scrubber.
There was even an invitation to have no qualms about taking the long handled back scrubber home with us.
You are even asked to take the back scrubber home with you.
I am fairly confident that, in a few year's time, we will be reading about Jude's latest fling with his professional back scrubber or his full-time hair washer.
Or put rolled-up towels, fancy soaps and a back scrubber in it.
Recently my wife bought me a back scrubber for my birthday.
The hands-free Back Scrubber will be manufactured by Kinsman Enterprises, Inc.
com)-- Xtech introduces the most unique, ergonomically designed back scrubber on the market today.
Mick, 54, a maintenance man at the centre, who lives in Guys Cliffe Avenue, Leamington, said: "I've got my back scrubber and rubber duck and I'm sure this is all going to be a great laugh for everyone watching, as well as raising money.
DANI brightened up her white-tiled shower with coloured bottles and even a back scrubber hanging from pink stick-on hooks (pounds 3, for a pack of three).