back yard

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also back yard  (băk′yärd′)
A yard at the rear of a house.

back yard



1. an area, usually paved, at the rear of a building
2. the immediate surroundings or locality of a person, organization, country, etc: an area that the United States regards as its own backyard.
3. in one's own back yard
a. close at hand
b. involving or implicating one. See NIMBY

back yard

n (Brit) (paved area) → cortile m sul retro della casa (Am) (garden) → giardino sul retro della casa
References in classic literature ?
You mean we'll be in some horrible boardinghouse, in a still more horrible hall bedroom, looking out on a dingy back yard.
That seemed a good idea; so the Historian rigged up a high tower in his back yard, and took lessons in wireless telegraphy until he understood it, and then began to call "Princess Dorothy of Oz" by sending messages into the air.
She is in the chicken house, in the back yard," said the Princess.
At nine old Parvenzano lets me through to his back yard, where there's a board off Riddle's fence, next door.
And as soon as the officer let go of the gate handle she turned and, hurrying away on her old legs, went through the back yard to the servants' quarters.
I was glad, when I came home from school at noon, to see a farm-wagon standing in the back yard, and I was always ready to run downtown to get beefsteak or baker's bread for unexpected company.
After looking round the parlor, Levin went out in the back yard.
Yes," said Button-Bright; "there's a well in our back yard.
I told him I wasn't in the habit of fertilising my back yard with cream.
In the centre of the smoothly swept back yard was a great bonfire.
I fancy, also, that I must by this time have read the Odyssey, for the "Battle of the Frogs and Mice" was in the second volume, and it took me so much that I paid it the tribute of a bald imitation in a mock-heroic epic of a cat fight, studied from the cat fights in our back yard, with the wonted invocation to the Muse, and the machinery of partisan gods and goddesses.
It may scare 'em to see your grand Throne Room, an' p'raps we'd better go into the back yard, Ozma, where the cabbages grow an' the chickens are playing.