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1. The vertebrate spine or spinal column.
2. Something, such as the keel of a ship, that resembles a backbone.
3. The main support or major sustaining factor: the backbone of a thesis.
4. Strength of character; determination: displayed grit and backbone in facing adversity.
5. Geology
a. A ridge forming the principal axis of a mountain.
b. The principal mountain ridge, range, or system of a region.
6. Chemistry The main chain of atoms in a polymer.
7. Computers A high-speed communications line that connects smaller, local networks to each other, especially in a wide area network.

back′boned′ adj.
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I think it's a challenge Davy [Fitzgerald] was dealing with before us, if you like, the transition from the 2013 team that was backboned by some great leaders like Paddy Donnellan, Brendan Bugler, Colin Ryan, Conor Ryan, Darach Limerick 2 Galway 2 Offaly 2 Dublin Honan, all of those guys, any county would find it challenging to rebuild quickly and in terms of losing people of that calibre, irrespective of what your underage talent is like.
PCHR called upon the Palestinian Ministry of Health to pay off immediately the accumulating financial dues for al-Motala' Hospital, warning that the Palestinian backboned organizations in occupied Jerusalem would collapse after the Palestinian Government withheld funds and payments of the financial dues at the time the Israeli authorities intensify its policies to create a Jewish majority in Jerusalem and paralyze and ruin the work of its institutions, which provide basic services to all Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
The new app has been in development by Hooq's in-house team for nearly nine months and is backboned by a new back-end framework focused on a faster and higher quality streaming experience for the customer.
Current and former county stars like Diarmuid Connolly, Ger Brennan and Tomas Quinn have backboned the effort and could be excused for being leg weary.
David Attenborough said: "If we and the rest of the backboned animals were to disappear overnight, the rest of the world would get on pretty well.
These include an equitable curiosity about bodies of all sorts (male and female, backboned, tentacled, armor-plated), and showing readers how science is done in real life.
I envision a cashless society where universal financial inclusion backboned on mobile devices and payment platforms has a multiplier effect on GDP growth.
He's been able to do that all the way through the playoffs, so he's really backboned us.
Vertebrates, or backboned animals, come in two basic models: jawless and jawed.
Doubtless Attenborough's legions of fans would disagree, especially given that in his latest TV quest, a two-parter called Rise Of Animals: Triumph Of The Vertebrates, he traces the evolution of backboned mammals.