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Demanding great exertion; arduous and exhausting.

back′break′er n.


1. (Wrestling) a wrestling hold in which a wrestler uses his knee or shoulder as a fulcrum to bend his opponent's body backwards
2. informal an extremely arduous task
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Colin Crothers came to the rescue with a 5-0 run of his own in the next 2 minutes that ultimately was the backbreaker for Bartlett.
you're playing from behind the whole day and that's where they're creating momentum," lamented Wilcox, who said the backbreaker was Benoit's 68-yard touchdown run at the 9:51 mark of the fourth quarter less than a minute after Cal had pulled to within a touchdown, 24-17, on a field goal by kicker Matt Anderson.
Roderick Strong also fended off the rest of SAnitY to beat Eric Young with a backbreaker in the curtain-raiser.
But as long as the total number of male deer lost in a given year isn't extreme, it's not a backbreaker for the herd itself.
His last three pointer turned out to be the backbreaker for the Bulldogs as he gave his squad a 73-62 buffer with 29 seconds left.
It's better to hang the upper cabinets before the base because leaning over base cabinets to hang the uppers is a backbreaker.
That was a backbreaker for Davis, and Groomes dominated the second game.
Before the Brogue Kick, the Irish Curse Backbreaker was my finishing move.
For an industry that is already having trouble staying afloat, this could be a backbreaker.
It seems well built and the cabinet is obviously made of MDF but is quite solid, and the unit is reassuringly heavy without being a backbreaker like some high-end speaker systems.
You also feel as if Backbreaker wants to be an arcade-like, fun-focused game, but it still clings too closely to the simulation-style approach of its rivals to really stand out.