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Demanding great exertion; arduous and exhausting.

back′break′er n.


1. (Wrestling) a wrestling hold in which a wrestler uses his knee or shoulder as a fulcrum to bend his opponent's body backwards
2. informal an extremely arduous task
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Before the Brogue Kick, the Irish Curse Backbreaker was my finishing move.
All of which is illustrated, so to speak, by the popularity of games such as My Horse, Jenga and Backbreaker Football which are based on Dynamic Motion Synthesis technology, a hugely realistic animation program.
However, NaturalMotion also has a mobile games company, which has created titles such as Backbreaker and My Horse.
For an industry that is already having trouble staying afloat, this could be a backbreaker.
You also feel as if Backbreaker wants to be an arcade-like, fun-focused game, but it still clings too closely to the simulation-style approach of its rivals to really stand out.
Upcoming PC titles that incorporate PhysX technology include Cryostasis, Backbreaker, Aliens: Colonial Marines, with close to 20 more PC titles expected before the year-end holiday seasons.
One set of stairs is known as the Quebra Costa - or backbreaker - and one can see why.
Despite its powerful performance, the slicer weighs just 15 pounds, so tucking it away between usages is not a backbreaker, and it takes up a relatively small amount of space (10" x 15") on the counter, leaving you working room to turn out your culinary delights.
Even given the effectiveness of the ground campaign, Halberstam considers the air assault the backbreaker.
At least my chair was more comfortable, more "broken in" after innumerable breakfasts, lunches, and dinners than the backbreaker of a bench I associated with Hebrew school; and besides, there was a certain logic in reading about the lavish feasts of epic literature in a place where one could at least get an egg cookie and a glass of milk.
Well known titles including Draw Something, Call of Duty, Cut the Rope, Lara Croft, Need for Speed, BackBreaker and many others use Marmalade as their cross-platform tool of choice.