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1. A means of conveying information as an alternate to a regular avenue of communication, especially in government and diplomacy.
2. A usually subconscious utterance or gesture made by a listener in a conversation indicating that the listener is paying attention or understands what is being said.

back′chan′nel adj. & v.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) an unofficial or covert means of conveying information, originally or esp in political or diplomatic circles
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Al Jubeir's visit comes after reports in the Saudi press about the existence of backchannels between Riyadh and the Syrian regime to find an end to the conflict there.
On the backchannels, the government may have pledged this.
The government has already used informal backchannels of communication in an effort to send certain messages to Ankara and at the same time sound out how serious the Turkish government is about finally reaching a deal on the Cyprus problem.
In the last few months, backchannels between the two countries have worked overtime.
bh) is an initiative which aims to develop and institutionalize direct communication channels and backchannels between the Nasser Bin Hamad Foundation and young entrepreneurs to address challenges they are facing and allow them to submit recommendations, suggestions or opportunities related to improving regulatory and business environment effecting Small to Medium Enterprises.
This is then connected to two approaches currently employed by law enforcement agencies on social media: investigations through interfaces and investigations through backchannels.
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had to work backchannels via the US to get a message to Cairo to withdraw, claiming that the tank deployment violated the aforementioned peace treaty.
If they do not have this confidence, they will use whatever backchannels they can activate to get their views to the president.
4) Backchannels are short responses in conversation that do not involve a conversational turn, but rather provide encouragement to the speaker or confirm that the listener is following along.
Although India's relations with China and Pakistan did not remain best, Menon kept the backchannels alive
US-Israeli backchannels aren't a secret like Steven J.