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If you have a turnover and you've got to backcheck, that's probably when it's going to be a little tough," Capitals center Nicklas Backstrom said.
Predictions can be really fun, as no one can trawl through the archives, backcheck your facts and call you out for being wrong.
The door closer should have adjustable latching speed and closing speed and should also have adjustable backcheck feature.
When we're playing our best, we're skating, and we're finishing checks, and we're stripping pucks on the backcheck, and we're getting in shot lanes, and we're picking up guys in front, and we're clearing the lanes for Matty to make saves.
Vancouver-based Checkwell Solutions, also known as BackCheck, is a major provider of background checking products and services in Canada and also has operations in the UK.
The Ducks took a 1-0 lead 11:56 into the first period on a nice effort by Tverdovsky, who fought off a backcheck from Colorado's Peter Forsbergand slid the puck past Roy's right pad.
OEM line includes backcheck valves to prevent backflow during fluid handling procedures.
In the action, the hammer backcheck, which catches the hammers as they return from hitting the strings, is not old; it is probable that this instrument originally had no hammer backcheck.
The CSO has put in place a network of regional coordinators who backcheck prices.
Third, a repetition lever and a felt backcheck prepare the hammer for subsequent strikes.
Braun's comprehensive portfolio of pharmacy solutions including dispensing pins, vacuum transfer tubes, backcheck valves, fluid transfer sets, vented needles, base and specialty nutrition as well as dual chamber bags.
Donskoi picked up an assist on the goal and he also put the play in motion by stealing the puck with a strong backcheck in the neutral zone.