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1. A usually uninhabited area inaccessible by roads or by regular public transportation: The hikers bought lightweight camping gear for use in the backcountry.
2. A sparsely inhabited rural region: "the lean-muscled, laconic hero from the backcountry who comes strolling down Main Street while the townsfolk point and whisper" (Daniel Coyle).
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Look here, Swiftwater, there's a crossroads right ahead, with lots of gates, but it'll take us backcountry clear into Berkeley.
Auto Business News-November 20, 2015--Jeep launches Wrangler Backcountry at Los Angeles Auto Show
New 2016 Wrangler Backcountry delivers enthusiasts a unique Jeep SUV loaded with off-road capability features to tackle the toughest winter months
Quirk is back in town after four years in Utah, where he served as general manager of Backcountry.
In his July 2015 Pure Bowhunting column entitled, "The Right Stuff," Hunting Editor Dwight Schuh overlooked one critical piece of equipment in his excellent summary of the important gear you should take with you on a backcountry hunt, and I'm surprised he did.
Corporate team-building activities are essential in creating a cohesive environment for your employees," says Curt Teague, owner and certified Backcountry Wilderness Survival Instructor.
has partnered with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers to help the organization in its mission "to ensure North America's outdoor heritage of hunting and fishing in a natural setting.
In a back room at Backcountry Essentials, ski technician John Dorman feeds a ski through the humming wheels of the shop's Wintersteiger Micro 90--a ski tuning machine the size of a small hot tub.
While many causative factors have been implicated in declines of anurans in California, none are able to adequately account for population declines in backcountry areas removed from predominating anthropogenic impacts, except disease.
The second $11 million estate that was sold is in the ultra luxe gated Conyers Farm neighborhood, also in the backcountry.
The Battles of Kings Mountain and Cowpens: The American Revolution in the Southern Backcountry, by Melissa Walker.
230 gorgeous color photographs illustrate Backcountry Makers: An Artisan History of Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee, a sweeping compilation of seventy-five notable craftspeople of the region, from the pioneer days of the eighteenth century to the late twentieth century.