1. Sports
a. The part of a court between the service line and the baseline in tennis and other net games.
b. The part of the playing area farthest from the goal or target wall in certain court games, such as handball.
2. Basketball
a. The half of the court that a team defends.
b. The portion of the frontcourt farthest from the basket.
c. The guards on a team.


1. (Tennis) tennis chiefly US the part of the court between the service line and the baseline
2. (Basketball) (in various court games) the area nearest the back boundary line


(ˈbækˌkɔrt, -ˌkoʊrt)

1. the half of a basketball court in which the basket being defended is located.
2. the part of a tennis court between the base line and the line that marks the in-bounds limit of a service. Compare forecourt (def. 1).


A team’s defensive half of the court.
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The Bucks finally put an end their losing woes, all thanks to their backcourt tandem of Knight and Sessions who stepped up big time in the game.
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Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin might be having a hard time landing the two available spots in the backcourt of the Western Conference All-Star starters, but his recent shoe deal with Adidas along with increasing popularity in and outside the United States made him already full-fledged superstar in the NBA.
Jackson also said he had hoped to move Bryant back to the wing from the backcourt spot he has played most of the season.
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However remote the chances of trading for Allen Iverson might be, however little it makes sense to play Iverson in the same backcourt with Kobe Bryant, Lakers coach Phil Jackson refused to rule out the possibility Sunday.
Florida is led by a backcourt duo of Erving Walker and Kenny Boynton.