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intr.v. back·flipped, back·flip·ping, back·flips
To perform a backward somersault, especially in the air.
A backward somersault.


(Gymnastics) a backwards somersault in mid air with arms and legs extended



n., v. -flipped, -flip•ping. n.
1. a backward somersault.
2. a dive executed by somersaulting backward.
3. a complete reversal in attitude.
4. to perform a backflip.
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She scored high points in air scores with a backflip with an airborne cross, but lost 4 points in turns score.
Then the LNP did a backflip on the advice of Members like Whitsunday MP Jason Costigan who feared he would be booted at the election if their policy didnt change because the net-free zones have proved so effective and so popular.
Robotics company Boston Dynamics shared a video of Atlas, a humanoid robot, limbering up with some vertical jumps and twists and then capping off its display with a backflip.
1 The backflip rotation maneuver (which should be attempted after a forward rotation is attempted) is illustrated in the FIGURE.
Pastrana successfully landed the first barge-to-barge motorcycle backflip, floating unmoored in the water.
The Morton star hit a long-range winner at Palmerston but binned his backflip celebration - opting for UFC ace Conor McGregor's Billionaire Strut instead.
With 90 minutes of solid dancing, bar one botched backflip, the star had enough dance moves to be forgiven even if she wasn't singing live.
PORTSMOUTH Thrillseeker does a backflip off the pier
The DJ ended up landing underneath the clown and being knocked out cold during a backflip attempt.
A FREE-RUNNER whose bridge backflip went viral has denied his stunts are laying down a challenge to copy his death-defying behaviour.
After Caiz officially halted the fight, Magsayo did a backflip to the delight of the crowd.
In spite of her back injury, Smith decided to celebrate in an unusual way for a weightlifter - by doing a backflip on the mat.