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Noun1.backgammon board - the board on which backgammon is playedbackgammon board - the board on which backgammon is played
gameboard, board - a flat portable surface (usually rectangular) designed for board games; "he got out the board and set up the pieces"
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Sparsit, from her place at the backgammon board, was constantly straining her eyes to pierce the shadows without.
This led to subjective differences of opinion, not to say objective interchanges of boot- jacks, backgammon boards, and other such domestic missiles, between Fledgeby's father and Fledgeby's mother, and those led to Fledgeby's mother spending as much money as she could, and to Fledgeby's father doing all he couldn't to restrain her.
But after helping them out he's integrated in to the group, first retrieving a backgammon board from the floor above for Meghan, before later looting some oxygen tanks from a nursing home, in a terrifying scene complete with wheelchair-bound zombies.
The oldest known backgammon board and dice are among other finds unearthed at this site.
In his gaming pursuits, his abilities are bounded by his backgammon board.
The three essays in English consider royal entries in Flanders 1356-1515; charity against the odds: Margaret of York and the Isle of Voorne 1477-1503; and men, women, and beasts on the backgammon board for King Ferdinand I and Queen Anna of Bohemia and Hungary.
Essentially a cardboard box with some cheap and nasty backgammon board glue-sticked to the top - idiot, everyone know kids today are mad for cribbage
How many counters are on a backgammon board at the start of a game?
With a candle, a backgammon board and Brian Meehan.
Perfect for the busy traveler comes the Funny Business 3 'n I game set, with chess and checkers etched on one side and a backgammon board on the other, $30, by Uncommon Goods.
Notably, the fashionable Lebanese born and London-based barrister Amal Alamuddin has been seen carrying one of Sarah's Bag's very own "Tawleh" or backgammon board clutch.
How many points are there on a backgammon board - 16, 20, 24 or 28?