background level

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Noun1.background level - the amplitude level of the undesired background noise
amplitude - greatness of magnitude
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When people leave their workstations, the fixtures gently dim to background level.
After this background level plus 10 percent is achieved, it now becomes the background level.
Mr Lines added: "A very low background level of cryptosporidium is normally present in the water.
EPA officials conducted tests last May and found radiation levels inside the warehouse were 100 times higher than background levels, while a yard had 10 times the background level.
In addition, continuously updated digital readings are presented for the local background level of methane along with the most recent maximum reading from a previously detected leak.
But experts such as Professor Tucker have been tasked with bringing the level of aircraft noise down to around 55 decibels, the average background level of noise.
When the body isn't under assault, however, CLA appears to dampen down the natural background level of immune stimulation.
One area with a scintillation count as high as 250 times the background level was found on as yet unexplored ground.
This has never before been achieved, especially considering the high salt background level in the coolant water deriving from the use of sea water for emergency cooling a year ago.
This suggests atmospheric reactions may create a low background level of perchlorate.
Study author Joseph Kiesecker says that during the trials, all tanks had active airstones that would have made it highly unlikely that any sound produced by the tadpoles could have exceeded the background level.
The instrument employs an algorithm which enables the user to adjust the settings to minimize false alarms in high background level environments without compromising the probability of detecting a source.

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