background music

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back′ground mu`sic

1. music, often recorded, intended to provide a soothing background.
2. music composed to accompany and heighten the mood of a visual production, as a movie.
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I wonder if any of the programme makers would consider making a show without background music.
Most of the studies investigating influences of background music have focused on eating and shopping behaviors, Seo added.
Similarly, playing background music may also improve desired behavior, such as ontask performance, with children in the classroom (Hallam & Price, 1998; Hallam, Price, & Katsarou, 2002).
We can never hear David Dimbleby introduce the guests on Question Time for the awful background racket, and why would you need loud background music on a programme like Countryfile?
A recent national survey carried out by Action on Hearing Loss (members' survey, 2010) found that many people have experienced problems hearing over background music, with 75% of those questioned reporting problems in restaurants and 59% in shops.
Steady on, what with the sobbing and the soppy background music, we could be on The X Factor.
IT was an amazing experience for the audience watching the 1929 silent film A Throw of Dice with the background music provided live at Katara Open Theatre on the third day of the Doha Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday.
background music service with voice call for all of units by warrant officers club technical assistant
The software can automatically upload movies, music and photos in the proper format for use in Media panel, it can add, delete, copy, trim, split and merged media files via the timeline annual and provides tools for editing videos, adding background music and applying video transitions.
They even provide background music - at this time of year it is festive fare.
Great background music for dinner parties, but Krall's better than that, better than this.

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