background noise

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Noun1.background noise - extraneous noise contaminating sound measurements that cannot be separated from the desired signal
background signal, background - extraneous signals that can be confused with the phenomenon to be observed or measured; "they got a bad connection and could hardly hear one another over the background signals"
surface noise - noise produced by the friction of the stylus of a record player moving over the rotating record
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The same two frequencies (125 Hz and 500 Hz) and two background noise levels (40 dBA and 55 dBA) were tested for a total of 4 conditions, which were repeated once during the session; so subjects participated in 8 trials total in this test, with the specific presentation order randomized across all subjects.
It all starts with our approach to the hearing assessment which is a truly remarkable FREE consultation that has already shown thousands of people how to hear more clearly even in background noise.
Cypher software algorithms detect and separate acoustic signals on today's mobile devices in real time, dramatically reducing background noise and significantly improving voice quality and intelligibility.
It may also be harder to hear consonants, and this can make understanding speech in background noise very difficult.
It quickly analyzes speech and removes most of the background noise.
Wang said that for 50 years, researchers have tried to pull out the speech from the background noise, asserting that hasn't worked, so they decided to try a very different approach: classify the noisy speech and retain only the parts where speech dominates the noise.
The tags record the whales' calls and background noise around them, as well as the animals' movements.
In our 2008 annual survey of members, 87% of respondents said background noise affects their ability to hear speech on television.
While call centers may no longer resemble the boiler rooms of the old days, no call center can afford to house agents in their own individual offices, or give each agent 500 square feet of floor space to keep background noise minimized.
We also found - even when we were in the very heart of the city - that background noise levels were low.
In kids free of language problems and in youngsters with SLI, constant background noise disrupted consonant detection more than intermittent background noise did.
One M1114 crew told him they were wearing the ITH when a tank was operating nearby, and not only was the M1114 driver able to keep in constant contact with the gunner through the headset, but the headset canceled out almost all of the background noise from the tank.