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Noun1.backhand stroke - a return made with the back of the hand facing the direction of the strokebackhand stroke - a return made with the back of the hand facing the direction of the stroke
return - a tennis stroke that sends the ball back to the other player; "he won the point on a cross-court return"
two-handed backhand - a backhand shot made holding the racquet in both hands
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Wang reported that backhand stroke angular motion and stroke power was greater in advanced players due to their use of efficient kinetic chains (Wang et al.
We both had to have the bats strapped into our hands for grip and I soon realised that being right-handed, a backhand stroke to my opponent's forehand was virtually unplayable.
He had manoeuvred the Swiss master into position for the kill and fired a shot at his opponent's body which left him no time to react with either a forehand or backhand stroke.
One of the first women to use the backhand stroke in tennis, her brother Hylton Punch Philipson kept wicket for England.
Wild card Andy Murray plays a backhand stroke on his way to a quarter-final win over Robby Ginepri yesterday
Some athletes watch videotapes of a single physical skill, such as a backhand stroke in tennis, being performed with perfect technique.
A maximum of 20 points could be obtained for each of the forehand and backhand stroke tests.
We saw -- and studied -- every great player in the world and even wound up with a permanent hero: a tall, lean, red-haired, good-humored young guy with a powerful first serve, a fine forehand, good if not spectacular speed, and positively the greatest backhand stroke on earth.
Chris Evert popularized the two-handed backhand stroke.