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If they don't, then I might need to enlist the help of fellow comedian David Walliams, or maybe even David Wilkie, to give me a backie home to dry land
At Christmas time I have a ride on it and I have had people try to get a backie.
Buses, taxis, if your mate gives you a backie on his bike - give big whoops and hollers, like you're a talent show audience.
From left: Chris Pratt, bryce Dallas Howard, nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins try not to get eaten jackie - she's backie Inspired by the cult magazine for girls, ASOS Reclaimed has teamed up with Jackie to deliver a 10-piece collection - the range includes psychedelic prints, playsuits and a logo T-shirt.
Apart from the president of France getting a backie to his lover's home on a scooter, the most amazing thing about that story was that Francois Hollande apparently only has one pair of shoes.
Let me take you on a journey - come on, it'll be like I'm giving you a backie.
The former CD contains seventy-eight items organized by Robertson into nineteen categories: backie garden party songs, war songs, American influences, silly songs, ropie songs, ball songs, clapping songs, mouth music songs, boy-girl songs, warning songs, roch songs, murder and ghostie songs, song for a girl, special occasions, jingles (i.
He said: "(Neil) Backie, (Matt) Dawson, (Richard) Hill, (Phil) Vickery, they could all do the job.
And they are encouraging people to forget the selfie and share a backie.
That defeat was like a stiletto between the ribs for Sir C and Backie has got his comeuppance.
Then we called the line-out, we went straight up the field, Matt made the break up the middle, Backie had the ball.