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Next you buckle your greaves on your legs, and your cuisses on your thighs; then come your backplate and your breastplate, and you begin to feel crowded; then you hitch onto the breastplate the half-petticoat of broad overlapping bands of steel which hangs down in front but is scolloped out behind so you can sit down, and isn't any real improvement on an inverted coal scuttle, either for looks or for wear, or to wipe your hands on; next you belt on your sword; then you put your stove-pipe joints onto your arms, your iron gauntlets onto your hands, your iron rat-trap onto your head, with a rag of steel web hitched onto it to hang over the back of your neck -- and there you are, snug as a candle in a candle-mould.
The dilution unit also features modular backplates allowing multiple units to be wall mounted as required.
The new Moto Z has modular backplates for things like additional battery power, a projector, and a speaker, though it's nowhere near as customizable as the Ara concept was.
These custom backplates, to be snapped on to the rear of a Moto Z with the magnetic connector, are supposed to enhance particular aspects of the smartphone.
Period charm is evident throughout the gorgeous home, from the servant's call panel, to the original door handles and backplates.
In May, reflective borders were installed on the backplates of a number of traffic signals along Main Street as part of an effort to reduce instances of motorists running red lights.
The other countermeasures are roundabouts, corridor access management, backplates with retroreflective borders, longitudinal rumble strips and stripes on two-lane roads, enhanced delineation and friction for horizontal curves, Safety [Edge.
Many manufacturers now include thicker backplates on new toilets to maintain the safety of users, as the average weight of U.
Also, it might be sold with leather backplates in 25 options.
In early August, Google-owned Motorola launched the Moto X handset, which offered a choice of backplates, materials and colour schemes.
Tools for increasing conduction include heat sinks, heat spreaders, heat risers and heavy metal backplates.