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v. back·slapped, back·slap·ping, back·slaps
To demonstrate effusive goodwill.
To demonstrate effusive goodwill toward (another or others).

back′slap′per n.


a person who backslaps; a hearty jovial person
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Noun1.backslapper - someone who demonstrates enthusiastic or excessive cordialitybackslapper - someone who demonstrates enthusiastic or excessive cordiality
enthusiast, partizan, partisan - an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity
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Finally, more than anything else, Wiman's letter shames poetry in its very promoting of what poetry has become in America today, a mere commodity to sell, sell, sell, while the poet a mere ladder climbing boaster and backslapper seeking fame and idolatry, prizes, publications, grants and invitations.
The British Academy Film Awards Sunday, BBC1, 9pm The Oscars may still be the biggest awards ceremony in the calendar, but the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, the Baftas, puts on the glitz and glamour for this annual backslapper hosted by Stephen Fry.
He wasn't a backslapper, just cordial and pleasant.
Though by no means a backslapper, he nonetheless functions well enough among others, becoming, eventually, not only a productive but also a revered member of his society.
Not every leader must be a happy-go-lucky backslapper, but when you're the most powerful person in the state/city/world, you automatically have the social advantage and should want to go the extra step to put people at ease.
Graham Norton hosts the annual luvvie backslapper as famous faces and favourite shows go head to head for coveted television awards.
She's not a backslapper, and she's not everyone's drinking buddy.
Breaux has a reputation in the Senate as a consummate deal maker, a people person, a backslapper.
MANCHESTER CITY'S Vincent Kompany has urged backslappers queuing up to hail his team: Don't put us on a pedestal just yet.
There's a big paradigm shift going on in the Wal-Mart world because you've got the back-slapping person who's done business one way," he said, but those backslappers "don't have their pulse on social media like the millennials.
Not donating to egotistical backslappers Jeremy Jones ALL this looks like to me is a bunch of millionaires trying to promote their careers.
Eternal and infernal, politics is false promises based on false premises, and false choices based on false voices; while politicians are euphonious phonies, impostors who posture, bandits backed by pundits, and back-stabbers disguised as backslappers.