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An upright surface or border, as of tile, that protects the wall behind a sink or stove.


1. (Architecture) any tiled area by, for example, a sink, cooker or bath to prevent damage to a wall by food or water splashes
2. rowing the water that splashes towards the bow of a rowing boat when an oar hits the water



paneling, as that behind a kitchen countertop, to protect against splashed liquids.
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Brilliant Backsplash For a cohesive look, consider the focal point of your kitchen and build out from there with a beautiful backsplash.
Pick one item that you have an emotional connection with, be it a light, a ceramic tile or a backsplash.
MY CLIENTS WANT THE SAME CABINETS, counters and backsplash in the laundry room that are in the kitchen.
The kitchen has a solid clear glass counter-top and glass tile backsplash.
Stainless steel worktable with backsplash and shelf, No.
The top of the backsplash will need to be scribed and trimmed down.
The sinks feature a 120-volt water heater, a 120-volt water pump, a 12-foot cord and a backsplash with soap and towel dispensers.
In some works, this relationship seems arbitrary, as if the backsplash could be switched from one work to another.
Backsplash accents, trivets, trays, tin wall packets and more are covered in a gathering of design ideas for all styles.
Incorporate style into your kitchen by following the more than 300 step-by-step photographs that will show you how to install a tile backsplash, paint cabinets, laminate floors, upgrade sinks and faucets, and more.
Slack derived inspiration for the backsplash from the owner's interest in Mark Rothko's abstract expressionist painting style.
It's gloss white, comes with a choice of stainless steel backsplash, tall or short wall cupboards and funky accessories.