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 (băk′stârz′) also back·stair (-stâr′)
Furtively carried on; clandestine: backstairs gossip.
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Adj.1.backstair - secret and sly or sordidbackstair - secret and sly or sordid; "backstairs gossip"; "his low backstairs cunning"- A.L.Guerard; "backstairs intimacies"; "furtive behavior"
covert - secret or hidden; not openly practiced or engaged in or shown or avowed; "covert actions by the CIA"; "covert funding for the rebels"
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THE funeral of the Queen Mother's faithful Coventry-born servant, William Tallon, known as backstairs Billy, was held at London's Queen's Chapel this week.
But as long as there are brown paper envelopes, backstairs deals and nod- and-a-wink committees in the world of sport we should forget about it.
He was known as "Backstairs Billy" because of his role as Page of the Backstairs and became the rock the Queen Mum relied on in ill health and old age.
Despite the scary tales, Glasgow-born Jon and his bandmates showed no fear as they blasted through tracks like Creepin Up The Backstairs and Doginabag.
Characters such as Fawcett the Fence, Backstairs Billy and a Prince who spends pounds 50,000 a year on clothes.
Coventry-born William Tallon, known as Backstairs Billy, has worked for the Royal Family for 51 years.
Outside Billy Tallon, the Queen Mother's Page of the Backstairs, went on an impromptu walkabout to greet members of the public.
THE Glasgow rockers know how to write a killer tune packed with fun lyrics and melodies and this could follow Creeping Up The Backstairs into the charts.
He has handed Billy Tallon - better known as Backstairs Billy - the keys to the Queen Mother's Birkhall home on the Balmoral estate.
Billy Tallon - affectionately known as Backstairs Billy because of his title Page of the Back Stairs - is the son of a Coventry shopkeeper.