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1. The experiences of a character or the circumstances of an event that occur before the action or narrative of a literary, cinematic, or dramatic work: At rehearsal, the actors developed backstories for their characters.
2. The set of background conditions and events leading to a real-life situation.
3. A prequel.


n, pl -ries
(Film) the events which take place before, and which help to bring about, the events portrayed in a film


(ˈbækˌstɔr i, -ˌstoʊr i)
n., pl. -ries.
the background of a real or fictional story or situation; prior circumstances or events.
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The Pivot: Marketing Backstories, is hosted by Todd Wheatland, one of the world's leading content marketing thought leaders.
As previously reported, the new season will be telling backstories of other characters, and will no longer just focus on Chapman's character.
If Carlsberg did backstories for ageing soul stars.
Since the site's inception in 2011, Rowling has used it as a platform for developing the world of 'Harry Potter,' publishing original writing which gives readers a glimpse into the backstories of characters and explains minutiae about the wizarding world, the Huffington Post reported.
Repetitive game modes, overbalanced combat and uninteresting fighter backstories do little to quicken the pulse, leaving Supremacy MMA staggering in the ring looking for a rope to cling to.
This revision of the 1993 and 1997 editions includes backstories on how he created his many songs, including the title Vietnam protest song.
The tearful backstories are wearing thin it seems, with the contestants pleading with us not to make them return to the indignity of life as a dinner lady or a shop assistant.
What drives Watson is elementary - it's covering athletes, particularly those who aren't on the pro level, is finding the backstories that create the more memorable experiences connecting with the viewers.
To read That's My Story and I'm Sticking to It is to get the behind-the-scenes details or backstories to all of Spike Lee's films.
This issue features the backstories and the best strategies from 2005's top planners," said BiZBash editor in chief Chad Kaydo.
Todd Wheatland hosts "The Pivot: Marketing Backstories" (launching October 9) Todd's show focuses on real people sharing their real marketing backstories.
It's something of a greatest hits of the series in 3D, with the game's Chronicle Mode helping familiarise newcomers with the rather ridiculous backstories of the game's characters.