backstrap loom

back·strap loom

A portable loom in which the warp is stretched between a stationary object and a belt that passes behind the weaver's back, with tension on the warp provided by leaning backward.
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The Yakan still use the primitive backstrap loom, which consists of different sticks and tangles of thread.
The Hanunuo Mangyans weave ramit, which have various designs, using backstrap loom.
13) A backstrap loom is a very simple loom common to indigenous people around the world.
The author, an anthropologist who was an apprentice with master weavers in Wixarika families, describes the technology of backstrap loom weaving of the Huichol (Wixarika) Indian women of San Andres Cohamiata, Jalisco, Mexico, and its spiritual and emotional meaning for them.
Other daily activities include: Monday, Paper Umbrella Painting; Tuesday, The Art of Banana & Lotus Leaf Folding; Wednesday, Bamboo Weaving; Thursday, Flower Garland Weaving; Friday, Karen Backstrap Loom Weaving; Saturday, Tung (Flag) Making; and Sunday, The Village Walk.
Huichol women have long woven colorful bags on a handmade device called a backstrap loom.
Tais is the traditional textile of Timor and while it is worn by both women and men, it is typically woven on a backstrap loom by women who pass the skills and knowledge to daughters.
Delfina is teaching me how to weave on a backstrap loom.
Another tradition is the backstrap loom, also a gift from the goddess, according to legend.
In a case devoted to food preparation, you'll see ladles used by the Mogollon in 1200 alongside those of the Navajo in 1900; weaving exhibits range from a 2,700-year-old Hohokam spindle to a 1930 Zuni backstrap loom.
Wearing the Mangyan attire with pride and happiness, I taught guests how to write their names in the Mangyan syllabic script, how to spin cotton, how to weave the traditional Hanunuo-Mangyan indigo-blue cloth on a backstrap loom and sold handicraft, she says.
As in other parts of the continent, only the families that weave for themselves still use the pre-Inca backstrap loom, unless it is to produce certain articles, like women's belts.