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1. Sports
a. A swimming stroke performed on one's back, especially one using alternating overarm strokes and a flutter kick.
b. A race or a leg of a race in which this stroke is swum.
2. A backhanded stroke or motion.
3. A stroke or motion in the direction of an original starting point: a saw that cuts on the backstroke.

back′stroke′ v.
back′strok′er n.
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Noun1.backstroker - someone who swims the backstrokebackstroker - someone who swims the backstroke  
swimmer - a trained athlete who participates in swimming meets; "he was an Olympic swimmer"
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Now, though, the Bath-based backstroker wants to end the year with success at the National Championships - and then aim for possible glory in Rio.
The team also included backstroker Lauren Quigley (1:00.
Year 7 backstroker Max Gardner was first to take to the podium, with a silver medal in the U13s 50 metre sprint in 40.
Like his fellow backstroker and Olympian Liam Tancock, Fox spent much time at the beach growing up.
After much deliberation, Confidential gives the gold medal for being the most ab-licious to backstroker, and boyfriend of fellow swimmer Meaghan Nay, Mitch Larkin, who is hard to miss in the pale blue trunks.
Kim, the backstroker, Jamie, the breastroker, Christy and Taralee all nodded.
Evans joins several other leading American swimmers as part of the Arena team, including Olympic and world champion breaststroker, Rebecca Soni, recently retired Olympic and world champion backstroker, Aaron Peirsol, and Olympic breaststroker, Eric Shanteau.
Liam Tancock is a consistent world-class performer while fellow backstroker James Goddard was one of the top Britons at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.
To demonstrate zero-tolerance for doping before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, China banned backstroker Ouyang Kunpeng for life for failing a drug test.
Japan has managed just five swimming gold medals, two of them from world silver-winning backstroker Ryosuke Irie.