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The initial part of a stroke, in which one moves a racket or club, for instance, to the position from which forward motion begins.


the movement of a club, bat, or racket backwards, away from the intended point of contact, in preparation for making a stroke



the movement backward of a racket, bat, etc., preparatory to a forward stroke or swing.


[ˈbækˌswɪŋ] n (Tennis) → movimento di apertura
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Golfers think they need to keep their heads down when they swing, but they need to move them back about half a head length during their backswings so they attain the proper weight shift.
When that is done, a good exercise to help shorten his backswing is to stand with his left foot against a wall adopting a normal address position, and then make a few slow backswings.
Lewis explained how he hoped to change all that guesswork by giving me a range of new yardage options through making shorter backswings to various points on an imaginary clock-face.
where Hawkins rebuilt a rotator cuff so worn out Norman's shoulder was disjointing during backswings in April.
Tara McKenna, head pro at Tatnuck County Club, demonstrates the proper spine angle and weight shift golfers should have at the top of their backswings on tee shots.
It is common for senior golfers to have shorter backswings.
Greg looks the same,'' Jacobsen said of the tournament host and now 75-time worldwide winner, whose shoulder was popping out of its socket on backswings just seven months ago.
The first thing we need to clear up is that short backswings don't necessarily mean short shots.
Norman and Elkington birdied two of their first three holes to help ease whatever anxiety might have been naturally creeping up on the Shark, who found April surgery necessary after his left shoulder started popping out of joint on backswings during the Masters Tournament.
The first thing to remember is that big backswings don't necessarily mean big shots.
That confidence makes Norman believe he can come back from surgery made necessary after his shoulder started popping out of joint during backswings at the Masters.