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Noun1.backup system - a computer system for making backupsbackup system - a computer system for making backups
ADP system, ADPS, automatic data processing system, computer system, computing system - a system of one or more computers and associated software with common storage
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AFCEE had been operating with a conventional tape backup system to protect the data on its 32 servers at the main facility with a daily backup load of 2.
As data increased, we simply outgrew our SCSI backup system and the smaller libraries that were part of it," said Chris Price, Cummins Computing Services Director.
They reverted to a backup system, but it delayed several flights, she said.
Contract award: framework agreement maintenance and evolutions of the backup system.
ILM solutions can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of data storage, but to reap the greatest rewards, ILM relies on a backup system that is ILM-aware.
CMS Peripherals is expanding the capacity of their portable Desktop Automatic Backup System (ABS) for Windows 98/Me and 2000 users, to an unprecedented 100GB.
Because the mechanical problem halted the flow of California Aqueduct water to the neighborhood, Los Angeles County Waterworks District officials started up well pumps for a backup system, flushing out loose dirt and sediment from pipes that had not been used for several years.
Storage backup system : Fraunhofer IBMT is planning to purchase a central application, file and storage server system.
By retaining multiple split-mirror snapshots, the amount of time to recover will be much less than going to a backup system to recover the data.
In addition to the sleek design of the new exterior, the ABSplus is the market's first pocket-sized PCMCIA Automatic Backup System (ABS) for notebook computers to include instant Disaster Recovery (DR) software and a removable hard drive.
Cudio told the council's Public Safety Committee on Monday that a backup system to divert 911 calls to the city's 18 police stations worked in all but the Central and 77th Street police divisions, where repairs were immediately begun.
If a disaster should arise at the main system located in Fukuoka, the backup system located in Tokyo is designed to take over operations.