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Of, relating to, or characteristic of the works or thought of the philosopher Francis Bacon.
1. A follower of the doctrines of Francis Bacon.
2. One who believes in the Baconian theory.


(Philosophy) of or relating to Francis Bacon, the philosopher, or to his inductive method of reasoning
1. (Philosophy) a follower of Bacon's philosophy
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Movements) someone who believes that plays attributed to Shakespeare were written by Bacon


(beɪˈkoʊ ni ən)

1. pertaining to the philosopher Francis Bacon or his doctrines.
2. designating the theory that attributes the authorship of Shakespeare's works to Francis Bacon.
3. an adherent of Baconian philosophy or the Baconian theory.
References in classic literature ?
So looks the Shakespearean who is confronted by a rancid Baconian, or the astronomer who is assailed by a flat- earth fanatic.
However, the Baconian approach to scientific practice and the new mathematical trend in investigating nature can be seen as common grounds for its members.
He detected two forms of naturalism that, though superficially dissimilar, came together in one destructive historical force: a Baconian scientific naturalism that seeks to control society and a Rousseauian romanticism that finds the highest virtue in universal empathy or love of mankind.
To propagate scientific knowledge and relieve the anxiety of his contemporary readers, Defoe, following Baconian tradition, attempts to clarify his view that the development of science would not conflict with or undermine people's belief in religion.
The Treatise is a significant work in its own right, and an important Baconian contribution to medicine and science.
Atkins distinguishes two important varieties: "The personal, Montaignian essay focuses on the self observed" and "the familiar, Baconian essay focuses on what the self observes" (6, emphasis in original).
He has organized the discussion around select themes: the poetic features of magic spells and rituals, the naturalization of arbitrariness in ritual systems and in efforts to construct a universal language in Hinduism and the tradition of Francis Bacon, connections between Protestant iconoclasm and the critique of taking words for things in the Baconian tradition, the causes of the repudiation of ritual and transformations in attitudes toward poetic performance and ritual repetition in the early modern and modern eras, and reappraisal of the structuralist doctrine of the arbitrary nature of the sign.
Kahneman's skepticism about case-specific knowledge also cannot be justified as a wholesale proposition, for it brushes aside a distinct mode of probabilistic reasoning, known as causative or Baconian probability.
Even in those non-Occidental cultures which have preserved themselves substantially intact, and which have modernized without Westernizing their social forms and structures, the impact of the revolutionary nihilism of Westernization has been to disrupt the traditional conceptions of the human relationship with the Earth, and to supplant them by humanist and Baconian instrumentalist understandings, in which nature is no more than an object of human purposes.
This idea allowed some Protestants to develop a "millenarian" view of history in which the traditions of the past and their religious institutions (such as Catholicism) could be ignored while the envisioned Golden Age of the future led by Baconian science would be the standpoint by which the present is to be judged.
For Babbitt, Francis Bacon and Jean-Jacques Rousseau "founded" and best represented the scientific and sentimental strands respectively; therefore, Babbitt used the term Baconian interchangeably with scientific humanitarian, while using Rousseauist interchangeably with sentimental humanitarian.
In his "Sermons in Stone" he relates the geological epochs to the "days" of the creation myth, and applies Baconian reasoning over a wide range of scientific disciplines in support of his interpretation of biblical creation, in what amounted to a serious rearguard action to discredit Darwin.