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n. pl. bac·u·la or bac·u·lums
The bone of the penis of many mammals, including most rodents, carnivores, and nonhuman primates. Also called os penis.

[New Latin, from Latin, rod, stick; see bak- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -la (-lə) or -lums
(Zoology) a bony support in the penis of certain mammals, esp the carnivores
[C20: New Latin, from Latin: stick, staff]
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During the periods when the otter was at the surface, its lower abdominal area where one might have detected a bulging baculum to identify a male was below the water's surface or covered by kelp.
Bacular Measurements:Penis of the male bats was cut down as close to the surface of the body as possible so that the baculum is not damaged.
A new study of the bone, known as a baculum, has found that the diverse appendage popped up in mammals more than 95 million years ago and just 50 million years ago in primates.
2014: Morphological and biometrical comparisons of the baculum in the genus Nannospalax Palmer, 1903 (Rodentia: Spalacidae) from Turkey with consideration of its taxonomic importance.
To accomplish it, use fallacies generously: argumentum ad hominem, ad baculum, tu quoque.
The mammalian baculum (os priapi) is the penis bone found in some to most members of five mammalian orders: Carnivora, Chiroptera, Lipotyphla, Primates and Rodentia.
These were examples of the baculum, the penis bone found in many species of animal, and you can understand that they might give rise to all sorts of questions on the night.
We classified beavers as male or female based on the presence of an externally palpated baculum (Osborn 1955), genetic analysis (Williams et al.
Ten species have just a baculum, and the rest, including humans, rabbits and hedgehogs, have neither.
Segun estos, una de las estrategias argumentativas comunmente empleadas por sectores de la derecha chilena para problematizar el futuro es la falacia ad baculum que tiene su base en emociones como el miedo.