bag of tricks

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Noun1.bag of tricks - a supply of ways of accomplishing somethingbag of tricks - a supply of ways of accomplishing something; "every good mechanic has a large bag of tricks"
know-how - the (technical) knowledge and skill required to do something
References in classic literature ?
I have a whole bag of tricks," he said, "which contains a hundred ways of escaping my enemies.
swiped the whole bag of tricks - locks, stocks, and barrels.
Here's another handle technique to add to your bag of tricks.
The Bag of Tricks activity presented in this article prompts students to listen, talk and write about geometrical ideas.
2 (AFTER SUDDEN-DEATH OVERTIME) JAKE Morissette opened his bag of tricks and handed victory to Cardiff Devils in their opening Elite League ice hockey match of the season.
Chandor lingered on every plot point, long after emptying his bag of tricks.
To her bag of tricks Eisenman has added a new motif: the close-up.
As she came around the counter, one of the clerks pulled a little surprise out of his bag of tricks.
Sport naturally dominates but behind the scenes are the usual bag of tricks one associates not only with schoolboys but with Wodehouse's prose.
Many supposedly revolutionary products come and go, but mud motors have found meaningful purpose in a hunter's bag of tricks.
This is a stellar songwriter, with a seemingly inexhaustible bag of tricks.
out of its bag of tricks amazing compositions like Vegas and Acid Pro that have very distinctive usefulness but why continue to update a basic audio editor when your core media production software can handle it all?