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The dry, fibrous residue remaining after the extraction of juice from the crushed stalks of sugarcane, used as a source of cellulose for some paper products.

[French, from Spanish bagazo, dregs, from Latin bāca, berry.]


1. (Plants) the pulp remaining after the extraction of juice from sugar cane or similar plants: used as fuel and for making paper, etc
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) Also called: megass or megasse a type of paper made from bagasse fibres
[C19: from French, from Spanish bagazo dregs, refuse, from baga husk, from Latin bāca berry]



crushed sugarcane or beet refuse from sugar making.
[1820–30; < French < American Spanish, Sp bagazo < Latin bāca berry]
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Noun1.bagasse - the dry dusty pulp that remains after juice is extracted from sugar cane or similar plants
pulp - a mixture of cellulose fibers
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Project Objective: The overall objective of the project is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting local enterprises in production and supply of carbonized biomass briquettes from sugarcane bagasse in Kenya.
The researchers believe that bagasse fibers can be a good replacement for fibreglass, Fars news agency reported.
Thus, several studies have been conducted to replace the raw material of producing activated carbon such as rice husk, bamboo, sugarcane stalk, tamarind kernel powder, palm shell, babool wood, bagasse fly ash, ashoka leaf powder, coir pith and banana pith [3].
Researchers have studied the possibility of using bagasse fibers and carbon nanotubes as reinforcing agent in cement-based composites.
Nicaragua is the second largest exporter of sugar in Central America and is the country making the most use of sugarcane bagasse to generate clean energy.
Thus, the present study deals with the surface modification of bagasse paper sheet by grafting with long hydrocarbon chain through heterogeneous esterification with fatty acid anhydride.
Sugar millers have been trying since 2009 to get upfront tariff of 11 cents per unit approved so that they can start producing electricity by using bagasse and coal, said Dr.
This report as one of the world's largest producers of sugar, India produces enough sugarcane bagasse to generate more than 5 GW through co-generation.
The plant will be a bolt-on facility to Raizen's Costa Pinto sugarcane mill in the state of Sao Paulo and will have the capacity to produce 40 million liters of cellulosic ethanol a year from sugarcane bagasse and straw.
Made from bagasse, the fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane or sorghum stalks are crushed to extract their juice, these domed lids are truly innovative, functional and come with impeccable environmental credentials.
8 million L (1 million gal) of ethanol per year showed that the raw bagasse requirement would be about ten times the mass of ethanol produced, and a significant amount of water would be required to make a pumpable slurry.
In mid 2013, PTPN X planned to diversify products by operating a bio-ethanol plant using bagasse as the feedstock in Mojokerto, East Java.