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Any of several moths of the family Psychidae, the larvae and females of which inhabit fibrous cases constructed of silk with bits of leaves and other debris, especially Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis, a pest of deciduous and evergreen trees.


1. (Animals) the larva of moths of the family Psychidae, which forms a protective case of silk covered with grass, leaves, etc
2. (Animals) bagworm moth any moth of the family Psychidae



any moth of the family Psychidae in its caterpillar phase, in which it wraps itself in a bag of silk, leaves, etc.
[1860–65, Amer.]
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cocoon a bagworm leaves on the stricken juniper tight woven so beautiful
Specific insects targeted by CRYMAX include cabbage looper, European corn borer, beet armyworm, bagworm, tent caterpillars, cankerworms, gypsy moth, and tussock moth.
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This was no walk in the park--the Riesetts had to learn about tree diseases, fungi and bagworms, which they had to pick off of trees by hand.
On my fiftieth birthday I awoke In a Holiday Inn just east of Winchester, Virginia, The companionable summer rain stitching the countryside Like bagworms inside its slick cocoon: The memory of tomorrow is yesterday's story line: I ate breakfast and headed south, the Shenandoah Zigzagging in its small faith Under the Lee Highway and Interstate 81, First on my left side, then on my right, Sluggish and underfed, the absences in the heart Silent as sparrows in the spinning rain.
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