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1. A Scottish municipal officer corresponding to an English alderman.
2. Obsolete A bailiff.

[Middle English baillie, town official, from Old French, variant of baillis; see bailiff.]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in Scotland) a municipal magistrate
2. (Professions) an obsolete or dialect spelling of bailiff
[C13: from Old French bailli, from earlier baillif bailiff]


(ˈbeɪ li)

1. (in Scotland) a municipal officer or magistrate.
2. Obs. bailiff.
[1250–1300; Middle English baillie < Old French bailli, variant of baillif bailiff]
References in classic literature ?
One night, within four-and-twenty hours of the time when he had settled to take shipping for London, my uncle supped at the house of a very old friend of his, a Bailie Mac something and four syllables after it, who lived in the old town of Edinburgh.
Yes, I sent Luke directly they'd put the bailies in, and your aunt Pullet's been--and, oh dear, oh dear, she cries so and says your father's disgraced my family and made it the talk o' the country; and she'll buy the spotted cloths for herself, because she's never had so many as she wanted o' that pattern, and they sha'n't go to strangers, but she's got more checks a'ready nor she can do with.
There were the broad outer and inner bailies, not paved, but sown with grass to nourish the sheep and cattle which might be driven in on sign of danger.
We had but one trouble all day; when a strolling piper came and sat in the same wood with us; a red-nosed, bleareyed, drunken dog, with a great bottle of whisky in his pocket, and a long story of wrongs that had been done him by all sorts of persons, from the Lord President of the Court of Session, who had denied him justice, down to the Bailies of Inverkeithing who had given him more of it than he desired.
Lee Bailie, 27, who was described by another witness as "vile", was also said to have sent "sinister" text messages, hacked into her email and social media accounts, and threatened to harm the 22-year-old woman with a hammer.
Executive head teacher Mark Bailie accepted the award in Xi'an, China, earlier this month, at the 12th Confucius Institute Conference.
Joint managers Graham and Mark Bailie, above, had overseen the Millisle club's breathtaking 3-2 victory over Comber Rec and Match on Tuesday chronicled their achievement.
The scheme will include carriageway and footway resurfacing at Dam Road, Bailie Road, Bailie Terrace, Bailie Gardens and Bailie Park in the village.
Microbiology professor Les Bailie said: "The Africanised honey bee makes a different sound to the European bees.
In terms of content, we often can't anticipate the future very far out," Bailie says.
Recent funding from FedNor, the Greenbelt Fund, and the Local Food Fund will now allow it to expand its operations, something Eat Local's managing director, Peggy Bailie, said is needed to meet demand for local food across the northeast region.
Presented by Dallas Market Center and the Accessories Resource Team, the evening kicked off with the Academy of Achievement Award, which was presented to the founders of the ART organization: Gil Bailie, Eric Bauer, Ralph Chancey, Henry Goldman and Harvey Hollingsworth.