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 (bā′lər, bā-lôr′)
A person who leaves property with another for safekeeping.


(ˈbeɪlə; beɪˈlɔː)
(Law) contract law a person who retains ownership of goods but entrusts possession of them to another under a bailment


(ˈbeɪ lər, beɪˈlɔr)

a person who delivers personal property in bailment.
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Noun1.bailor - the person who delivers personal property (goods or money) in trust to the bailee in a bailment
deliverer - a person who gives up or transfers money or goods


n (Jur) → Hinterleger(in) m(f) (einer beweglichen Sache), → Deponent(in) m(f)
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One C3 project garnering strong interest is the New York State Toolkit, a free open source K12 social studies curriculum based on the C3 inquiry arc, says David Bailor, director of meetings and exhibits at NCSS.
Bailor Barrie -- the founder of Sierra Leone's Wellbody Alliance -- was pivotal in implementing Partners In Health's (PIH) response to the Ebola crisis.
Merlin E Bailor Trust, to Gallagher Ira & Naomi; $260,000; 3010 Harris St.
suffers" the bailor to take the bailed property back.
18) Thus, the relationship between the bank and depositor is more like a contractual relationship than a relationship between a bailor and bailee.
A deposit contract may be a commodatum contract (also called a regular deposit), where the bank acts as a bailor of non-fungible goods which are returned on demand to the depositor.
as the money the bailor paid the bailee for work not done or improperly
Bailment describes a legal relationship in which physical possession of personal property is transferred from one person (the "bailor") to another person (the "bailee"), who subsequently holds the property for the benefit of the bailor and is subject to the bailor's right to reclaim possession at any time.
Similarly, the bailor should also provide all of these copies and confirmations.
If the contract gives the bailee the right to sell the property for its own account, subject to an obligation to repay the bailor, the profit will be attributed to the bailee.
Supermarkets can also categorize stores by type, sales or square footage, and compare sister sites," says Bailor.