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 (bā′lər, bā-lôr′)
A person who leaves property with another for safekeeping.


(ˈbeɪlə; beɪˈlɔː)
(Law) contract law a person who retains ownership of goods but entrusts possession of them to another under a bailment


(ˈbeɪ lər, beɪˈlɔr)

a person who delivers personal property in bailment.
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Noun1.bailor - the person who delivers personal property (goods or money) in trust to the bailee in a bailment
deliverer - a person who gives up or transfers money or goods


n (Jur) → Hinterleger(in) m(f) (einer beweglichen Sache), → Deponent(in) m(f)
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A former national guardsman in his mid-20s from Virginia, Mohamed Bailor Jalloh ventured to Africa with the notion of joining the Islamic State in Libya.
Case law in Australia indicates that the leasing or bailing must be a proper component of the particular business (20) and suggests that the lessor or bailor should be engaged as such in a profit-making activity.
Now it's gotten to a point where if we don't put it on, the pitchforks and brooms come out," said Jim Bailor, the assistant fire chief.
Dan Bailor, the plant manager at LTC in Lebanon, has to keep his plant nimble enough to machine castings that weigh anywhere from 2-2,000 lbs.
Technology is quickly becoming a popular tool in social studies classrooms as teachers find ways to make history come alive for their students, who simultaneously learn about content and improve their technology skills, says David Bailor, the council's director of meetings and exhibits.
Mohamed Bailor Jalloh, 27, of Sterling, Virginia admitted guilt to transferring funds intended for IS, attempting to join the group, and purchase of a weapon with intended for an attack on US soil, the Justice Department revealed.
That he sold them wrongfully is wholly immaterial--the bailor, on discovering that its bailee had disposed of its property, had the option of insisting on a tort having been committed and suing in trespass and trover; or it might waive the tort and claim the sale-price.
suffers" the bailor to take the bailed property back.
18) Thus, the relationship between the bank and depositor is more like a contractual relationship than a relationship between a bailor and bailee.
Texas law allows a bailee to insure bailed goods for their full value, for the benefit of itself and the bailor.
For instance, a user might argue that she is the bailor of her
A deposit contract may be a commodatum contract (also called a regular deposit), where the bank acts as a bailor of non-fungible goods which are returned on demand to the depositor.