bait casting

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Noun1.bait casting - the single-handed rod casting of a relatively heavy (artificial) baitbait casting - the single-handed rod casting of a relatively heavy (artificial) bait
casting, cast - the act of throwing a fishing line out over the water by means of a rod and reel
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New tackle company Piscifun has a bait casting reel called the Torrent and I matched with their premier heavy-action rod called the Warrior.
Long spinning or bait casting rods are helpful for making long casts to spooky fish.
As well as learning the art of fly casting, the group was given tips on bait casting and different fishing techniques.
While bait casting reels are preferred by most, many pro's use spinning reels when fishing spinnerbaits.
There is bait casting instruction target casting competition for children, a BBQ, strawberry cream teas and a number of trade stands.
Top shore-fishing prize is a Blue Metal Team Extreme rod and a bait casting multiplier reel.
While closing down his hardware store, he came across a lot of ancient, unsold loot that he thought his grandson might find handy--there was a metal Winchester brand fly rod and bait casting rod, a bunch of Winchester-brand bass plugs and pocket knives, a Hazard Powder watch fob with a flying duck on it, and a carton of Robin Hood-brand .
Fly fishing, spin and bait casting, along with tips on safe boating are just a few of the special daily seminars.