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bait 1

a. Food or other lure placed on a hook or in a trap and used in the taking of fish, birds, or other animals.
b. Something, such as a worm, used for this purpose.
2. An enticement, temptation, or provocation: He did not take the bait by responding to the taunt and getting drawn into an argument.
v. bait·ed, bait·ing, baits
1. To place a lure in (a trap) or on (a fishing hook).
2. To entice or provoke, especially by trickery or strategy: He baited me into selling him my bike by saying how much I deserved a better one.
3. To set dogs upon (a chained animal, for example) for sport.
4. To taunt or torment (someone), as with persistent insults or ridicule: "He baited him mercilessly and had all sorts of unpleasant names for him" (Ruth Prawer Jhabvala).
5. To feed (an animal), especially on a journey.
v.intr. Archaic
To stop for food or rest during a trip.

[Middle English, from Old Norse beita, food, fodder, fish bait. V., from Old Norse beita, to put animals to pasture, hunt with dogs; see bheid- in Indo-European roots.]

bait′er n.
Usage Note: The word baited is sometimes incorrectly substituted for the etymologically correct but unfamiliar word bated ("abated; suspended") in the expression bated breath.

bait 2

Variant of bate2.

bate 1

tr.v. bat·ed, bat·ing, bates
1. To lessen the force or intensity of; moderate: "To his dying day he bated his breath a little when he told the story" (George Eliot). See Usage Note at bait1.
2. To take away; subtract.

[Middle English baten, short for abaten; see abate.]

bate 2

also bait  (bāt)
intr.v. bat·ed, bat·ing, bates also bait·ed or bait·ing or baits
To flap the wings wildly or frantically. Used of a falcon.

[Middle English baten, from Old French batre, to beat; see batter1.]
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Noun1.baiting - harassment especially of a tethered animalbaiting - harassment especially of a tethered animal
harassment, molestation - the act of tormenting by continued persistent attacks and criticism
References in classic literature ?
Dan's line was out long before Harvey had mastered the mystery of baiting and heaving out the leads.
The tubs were full of neatly coiled line carrying a big hook each few feet; and the testing and baiting of every single hook, with the stowage of the baited line so that it should run clear when shot from the dory, was a scientific business.
In Tarzan it was a trifle broad, perhaps, manifesting itself in rough and painful practical jokes upon his friends and cruel baiting of his enemies.
With the hyenas subdued, Bukawai returned to the baiting of Tarzan; but finding that the ape-man understood nothing he said, the witch-doctor finally desisted.
His peevish reproofs wakened in her a naughty delight to provoke him: she was never so happy as when we were all scolding her at once, and she defying us with her bold, saucy look, and her ready words; turning Joseph's religious curses into ridicule, baiting me, and doing just what her father hated most - showing how her pretended insolence, which he thought real, had more power over Heathcliff than his kindness: how the boy would do HER bidding in anything, and HIS only when it suited his own inclination.
And it is important that they monitor the effectiveness of baiting after each application.
Before the baiting was initiated, the park was thoroughly surveyed for places where wild boar activity was evident i.
Successful removal of German yellow jackets (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) by toxic baiting.
In 2013, Steve called me about an exciting new opportunity for baiting brown bears in two of the hunting units where he guides.
When managing pests through baiting, the baits being used must display the specific characteristics of delayed mortality, efficacy at extremely low concentrations, and non-repellency.
This means that while live baiting you will cover the least amount of water of any of the other techniques mentioned.
Baiting strategies have attempted to minimize human contact with V-RG baits because of the risk for infection with the V-RG vaccine virus; only two human vaccinia infections have been reported from V-RG exposure (3,5,6).