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See bakery.
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Noun1.bakeshop - a workplace where baked goods (breads and cakes and pastries) are produced or soldbakeshop - a workplace where baked goods (breads and cakes and pastries) are produced or sold
patisserie - a bakery specializing in French pastry
shop, store - a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services; "he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod"
workplace, work - a place where work is done; "he arrived at work early today"
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When he was down to his last quarter, Jurgis learned that before the bakeshops closed at night they sold out what was left at half price, and after that he would go and get two loaves of stale bread for a nickel, and break them up and stuff his pockets with them, munching a bit from time to time.
They know EVERYTHING about us, my darling, EVERYTHING--both about you and your affairs and about myself; and when today I was for sending Phaldoni to the bakeshop for something or other, he refused to go, saying that it was not his business.
Matthew Hollingworth, the director of the World Food Program ( WFP) in Syria affirmed that the organization will discuss with related authorities increasing productivity of mills and bakeshops, adding that WFP is seeking to find out temporary work program for affected families to provide for themselves in addition to setting a plan for entering around 48,000 food baskets to Hasaka on monthly bases and distributing them to displaced and affected families.
Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur Partners with Restaurants, Bakeshops and Mixologists to Create Recipes Honoring Italy's Most Famous Nut
The other day I was at one of the renowned bakeshops and was astonished to see a hike in the price of cupcakes to Dhs13.
Conversely, Bernstein argues that the forces opposed to the law were small bakeshops, in particular those owned by recent Jewish, Italian and French immigrants (p.
It is almost impossible to secure or keep in proper cleanly condition the Jewish and Italian bakeshops," one state inspector reported in 1898.
He points out, for example, that the bakers' union that championed the lawsuit was at least as interested in driving small bakeshops that employed recent immigrants out of business as it was in protecting the health of bakery workers.
The surge of independent bakeshops and dessert trucks has introduced a new level of competition for grocery stores.
We put a lot of effort into capturing the spirit of old-fashioned bakeshops.
The first in-store bakery customers included Penner Foods in Winnipeg, and Safeway bakeshops in western Canada.
For the Manhattanite with a sweet tooth, reinventions of standard bakeshops are easy to find, thanks to the cupcake revolution spurred by Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street.