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A knitted, unbleached cotton fabric for underwear.

[After Balbriggan, a seaport of eastern Ireland.]


1. (Textiles) a knitted unbleached cotton fabric
2. (Clothing & Fashion) (often plural) underwear made of this
[C19: from Balbriggan, Ireland, where it was originally made]


(bælˈbrɪg ən)

a plain-knit cotton fabric.
[1855–60; after Balbriggan, town in Ireland, where first made]
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Noun1.balbriggan - a cotton knit fabric used for underwearbalbriggan - a cotton knit fabric used for underwear
knit - a fabric made by knitting
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neighbour from hell Paedophile John Carvin is now in Balbriggan
Last night officers raided a house in Balbriggan, Co Dublin.
Balbriggan authorities are furious that citizens in Skerries forced out a known sex offender by literally driving him to their town and dumping him.
Last night the ICP's Aine Ni Chonaill said: "We have a very active member in Balbriggan, who has been distributing our leaflets recently and we may be standing a candidate in the area, although we would prefer to announce that in our own time.
And the lucky winners, who will have a chance to watch stars like Lee Westwood and Darren Clarke in action were Pat Howard, from Dimoleague in Co Cork, Jonathan O'Malley, from Newport, Co Mayo, John Power from Lismore in Co Waterford, John Lynch from Balbriggan in Dublin and Thomas Murray from Crumlin in Dublin.
Participants, starting at Balbriggan in North Dublin, swam in each of Ireland's 17 coastal counties.
The Judge at Balbriggan District court, where the singer appeared, struck out the charges because of delays.
Dozens of young children from St Colmcille's National School, where Olivia taught, lined the entrance of St Peter and Paul's Church in Balbriggan, Co Dublin, yesterday.
Balbriggan Town Council, who passed the motion, have been described as "bigoted" and the motion is said to be like something out of the Third Reich.
Rachel, 30, was beaten to death with a dumbbell in her Naul home, outside Balbriggan, north Dublin, shortly after she dropped her two young children, Adam and Luke, to school on October 4.