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bale 1

A large bundle of raw or finished material tightly bound with cord or wire and often wrapped: a bale of hay.
tr.v. baled, bal·ing, bales
To wrap in a bale or in bales: a machine that bales cotton.

[Middle English, from Old French; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]

bal′er n.

bale 2

1. Evil: "Tidings of bale she brought" (William Cullen Bryant).
2. Mental suffering; anguish: "Relieve my spirit from the bale that bows it down" (Benjamin Disraeli).

[Middle English, from Old English bealu.]


(ˈbeɪlə) or

baling machine

(Agriculture) an agricultural machine for making bales of hay, etc

Hay baler

In the 1930s, a machine for pressing hay into compact rectangular bales. While some might be powered by an engine, most worked by using the power of a team of horses walking in a circle to ram hay into a horizontal rectangular guide until the desired weight was reached. These machines were stationary, so the hay had to be bought to them, usually on a Sweep rake. Later, the baler became mobile and followed the Windrow, picking up hay as it moved along. By the twenty-first century, hay bales were usually circular and might weigh as much as a ton.


[ˈbeɪləʳ] N (Agr) → empacadora f, enfardadora f
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