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adj. balk·i·er, balk·i·est
1. Given to stopping and refusing to go on: a balky horse; a balky client.
2. Difficult to operate or start: a balky switch; a balky engine.

balk′i·ness n.


(ˈbɔːkɪ; ˈbɔːlkɪ) or


adj, balkier, balkiest, baulkier or baulkiest
inclined to stop abruptly and unexpectedly: a balky horse.
ˈbalkily, ˈbaulkily adv
ˈbalkiness, ˈbaulkiness n


(ˈbɔ ki)

adj. balk•i•er, balk•i•est.
given to balking; stubborn; obstinate.
balk′i•ly, adv.
balk′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.balky - stopping short and refusing to go onbalky - stopping short and refusing to go on; "a balking"; "a balky mule"; "a balky customer"
intractable - not tractable; difficult to manage or mold; "an intractable disposition"; "intractable pain"; "the most intractable issue of our era"; "intractable metal"


Given to acting in opposition to others:
References in classic literature ?
Yes, Amy was in despair that day, for all the good beasts were gone, and of three left, one was lame, one blind, and the other so balky that you had to put dirt in his mouth before he would start.
Hart grabbed 6 rebounds and scored 4 points down the stretch with that balky shoulder, and the Eagles barely held off the Lions' comeback bid for a 35-32 nonconference victory.
The health law's nagging problems center on lower-than-hoped-for enrollment, sicker-than-expected customers, and a balky internal stabilization system that didn't deliver as advertised and was already scheduled to be pared back next year," an Associated Press report concluded in April.
CLYDE Mondilla battled through a bum stomach and a balky putter yesterday to shoot a one-under-par 71 and hold on to a three-shot lead over Elmer Salvador going into the final 18 holes of the P2-million ICTSI Calatagan Invitational in Batangas.
our ailing parents, Balky children, and friends we can see now Only by
The Balky Farm in Northfield raises sheep and goats with the lambs and kids providing a great photo-op.
In place of using the balky asset-recovery approach, a state could replace the current balky post-death Medicaid asset recovery system with a mandatory reverse mortgage requirement, Villarreal says.
Most prominently, Democrats and Kitzhaber will try to avoid drawing attention to problems with Cover Oregon, the state's health insurance exchange, while Republicans will do their best to hold the governor and his party's feet to the fire for its costly and balky startup.
but retooled for China's distaff demographic, this date movie is at once sweetly whimsical and full of balky sexual wisecracks.
But all of those fancy features on your smartphone are meaningless if they are on a balky network.
Sometimes when a nut seems balky, you can apply enough pressure to loosen it by using force in the opposite direction on the same pipe.
But never, surely, are we destined to witness all of the attributes - and the odd failing - in one such balky frame again.