or ball′-car`rier,

n. Football.
the offensive player having the ball and attempting to gain ground.
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The void at number eight created by injuries to Billy Vunipola and Nathan Hughes is filled by Sam Simmonds, the in-form Exeter back row who serves as an effective ball-carrier despite lacking the size of his rivals.
Injury to Billy Vunipola and Nathan Hughes has created a vacancy for a destructive ball-carrier to eat up the hard yards in Rome.
lt;B ROB EVANS could be one of the men Wales look to as a ball-carrier
Klemmer was penalised and placed on report by Super League referee James Child after a clash with ball-carrier Chris Saab's head, leaving the Lebanon second rower concussed, during Australia's 34-0 win at Allianz Stadium on Saturday.
After an attacker penetrated the defensive line, at least one defender from the defensive line was required to turn toward the ball-carrier, in an attempt to chase the ball-carrier.
He is a big ball-carrier with international experience.
So it's not necessarily all about being the ball-carrier.
So it's not necessarily all about being the ball-carrier, it's just as much about being the dummy runner off that at different points.
I have responsibilities as a ball-carrier and a decoy.
North was officially Wales' most effective ball-carrier with 92 metres gained but he still failed to impose himself on the Irish defence.
What amazes me, however, is that anyone is bothered about what Riley did when half the tries scored these days involve somebody from the attacking team running IN ADVANCE of the ball-carrier into the opposition defensive line.
Calling on the 31-year-old to meet the challenge to prove himself a durable and dangerous ball-carrier, Tait explained that Levi's teammates must also capitalise on his strengths.