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A singer of ballads.


a singer of ballads


(ˌbæl əˈdɪər)

a person who sings ballads.
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Noun1.balladeer - a singer of popular balladsballadeer - a singer of popular ballads    
singer, vocalist, vocalizer, vocaliser - a person who sings
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Expect a healthy mixture of old and new in this intimate acoustic show, with support from Teesside balladeer Rojor on Friday, July 25.
Canadian prairie balladeer Scott Cook plays a house concert at 7 p.
With a career spanning 46 years, the balladeer has a lot of musical ground to cover before satiating the singing hunger of his Emirate fans.
spoke to Iglesias ahead of the show and learned a few things about what it takes to become a major recording artist and an internationally successful touring balladeer, Gulf News reported.
One for those wanting to be soothed by a troubadouring balladeer armed with nothing more dangerous than an acoustic guitar and some orchestrally-skilled mates.
James Morrison O2 Academy, Glasgow JAMES Morrison has a reputation for being a bit of a safe, middle of the road balladeer but on the strength of this performance there's a lot more to him than that.
The balladeer, who had a worldwide hit with Edelweiss, now lives in Henley-on-Thames but was born in Holbrooks.
The art rock balladeer Nick Cave inspired his enthralling, evening-length work Underland, which has its U.
In 1957, Glenn Yarbrough recorded it, Frankie Laine's New Orleans appeared on his 1959 album Balladeer and Joan Baez's rendition featured on her eponymous 1960 debut album.
in good form was Lawney Hill at Uttoxeter, who had two well-backed winners in Mad Jack Duncan and Bynack Mhor, plus a 25-1 second in Balladeer.
Booking tickets for the first night of a tour can be inadvisable, for fear of technical problems, songs that don't work, and general awkwardness, all still to be ironed out, but the performance by both band and balladeer was assured.
DAVID KIRTON Time For Change (Right Recordings) ALREADY a triple award-winner in the Caribbean, the new album from Barbadian balladeer Kirton has the crossover appeal to break him big in the mainstream pop charts.