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A singer of ballads.


a singer of ballads


(ˌbæl əˈdɪər)

a person who sings ballads.
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Noun1.balladeer - a singer of popular balladsballadeer - a singer of popular ballads    
singer, vocalist, vocalizer, vocaliser - a person who sings
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Learn how rock and blues music helped to heal the war-torn country of Bosnia; about the tradition of candombe drumming in Uruguay; and the legacy of musicians who traveled on foot--from the balladeers of Victorian England and the Delta bluesmen of the early 20th century to present-day musicians who participate in the Massachusetts Walking Tour.
He has sold more than 150 million records worldwide, and is regarded as one of the finest balladeers in the music scene.
Unlike most Victorian domestic balladeers Wallace wasn't always maudlin.
Penny Dreadfuls, The Ourz, Radioactive Grandma, Our Krypton Son and Murder Balladeers are among the quality array of support acts lined up for this miniature tour.
One minute hard rock, the next big melodic soaraway moments and then they finally show they're natural balladeers.
Then check out the perfect antidote to today's manufactured Barbie balladeers - KT TUNSTALL.
He might be 57 now but he is still one of the best balladeers around who is just as happy in rock and soul and even throws in a touch of opera.
REVOLUTIONARY balladeers Gaddar and Vimalakka might have launched their own fronts for Telangana, but they are no match for Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K.
Although often unfairly written off as a cheesy bunch of balladeers, Crowded House at their best are versatile and affecting and Neil Finn had plenty of good banter.
GRAMMY winner Michael Bolton is one of America's most successful ever balladeers, with more than 50 million albums sold worldwide.
Mayo's famous balladeers held a hometown celebration in Mulranny to celebrate 40 years in showbusiness.
His narrative, which frequently references the music of Asbury Park's native son, Bruce Springsteen, and other balladeers of Americana, echoes the words of another of the city's native sons, writer Stephen Crane, who said: "From the very beginning, Asbury Park was a symbol of the nation's hopes and hypocrisy.