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An ardent admirer of the ballet.

[French : ballet, ballet; see ballet + -mane, ardent admirer (from Greek -manēs; see men- in Indo-European roots).]

bal·let′o·ma′ni·a (-mā′nē-ə, -mān′yə) n.


(bæˈlɛt əˌmeɪn, bə-)

a ballet enthusiast.
[1925–30; back formation from balletomania]
bal•let`o•ma′ni•a, n.


Someone who loves ballet.
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Noun1.balletomane - a ballet enthusiastballetomane - a ballet enthusiast      
enthusiast, partizan, partisan - an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity
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The first "Bloodflames" was organized in 1947 by the young Alexander blas, a well-heeled balletomane (and former dancer) of Greek origin possessed of a whimsy of iron.
ALASTAIR MACAULAY NYT SYNDICATE IF you are a balletomane, caring more about dancers than choreography, then the casting of John Cranko's three-act ballet Onegin (1965) brings excitement.
Perriman, an author and former teacher, examines the relationship between Willa Cather and modern dance by documenting how this author was inspired to train as a leading balletomane after Anna Pavlova's debut at the Met in 1910.
Not just for the balletomane, Swan Lake would make a lovely early Mother's Day treat.
Bred in France by A Simoes de Almeida, Silic (Sillery - Balletomane, by Nijinsky) began his career with Pascal Bary who saddled him to victory in the Group 3 Prix de la Jonchere in 1998.
Her appearance in Mexico is not something that any art lover--let alone a balletomane (what the more pretentious aficionados call themselves)--can miss and expect to maintain a clear conscience.
Give us the flowing lines of a balletomane and the dance moves of Gene Kelly.
I Remember how Frank, light-on-his-feet balletomane, improvised his version of Balanchine choreography, twirling deftly across his loft.
The august balletomane was referring specifically to Michelson, who was then becoming something of a cause celebre in the dance world and beyond for her unusual style, transformative sets, and tendency to talk to the press about rent trouble and personal injuries.
Lilac Garden is by Derby winner Roberto out of the Nijinsky mare Balletomane, who was second in the Hollywood Oaks (G1), and is a half-sister to Jockey Club Gold Cup winner Group Plan.
It will be said these are the rantings of an elderly balletomane who thinks the energy and enthusiasm of modern dance a poor exchange for the elegance of classical choreography.
Again, urged on by my balletomane sister and with euphoric memories of the New York trip and my first experience of a major auction house, I paid day visits by train from Bath to Christie's in South Kensington to attend the viewing and sale.